Area high school teams now available on NBA2K20

MASSAC COUNTY — With nearly all sports on all levels shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Esports are pretty much the only games in town.

One of the more popular games is NBA2K20, and now that game has the 2019-20 rosters for some local high school teams available to download and use. That’s because Massac County High School graduate and current Shawnee College freshman Anthony Harris has uploaded them.

Anthony Harris

Harris not only created all the teams in the River to River-Ohio, but also added uniforms and arenas that can be downloaded as well. Harris kept the book for the Patriots this past season. He said he was most familiar with the Patriots’ conference rivals.

Harris uses the PlayStation 4 platform. He believes only those on the same platform will be able to use the rosters. To find the rosters, jerseys and arenas, search for “TripleTHarris.”

Harris said he’s a bit overwhelmed by the attention his Tweet announcing the rosters’ availability has gotten in such a short time, adding he hopes others create more local teams. Harris said he’d love to see how people use the teams he created by sharing videos with him. You can find Anthony on Twitter @Triple_t_13.