Carbondale sweeps Mt. Vernon

Darren Kinnard

MT. VERNON — The Carbondale Terriers picked up a 9-0 girls tennis win at Mt. Vernon in the season opener for both teams. The Terriers lost a total of 18 games on the day.

Skylar Moore (C’dale) def Carlie Barban (MTV) 8-3
Jessie Harper (C’dale) def Emma Maxey (MTV) 8-2
Shreya Patel (C’dale) def Katie Fisher (MTV) 8-2
Longmei Ge (C’dale) def Faith Barban (MTV) 8-0
Emily Faulk (C’dale) def Riley Bevis (MTV) 8-0
Emma Shick (C’dale) def Brylie Brands (MTV) 8-5

Patel/Harper (C’dale) def C. Barban/Maxey (MTV) 10-3
Ge/Shick (C’dale) def K. Fisher/F. Barban (MTV) 10-1
Aja Banks/Daphine Johnson (C’Dale) def Bevis/Becky Fisher 10-2