MVT Week 29 Rachel Fraulini

GALATIA — This week’s Orthopaedic Center of Southern Illinois MVT–Most Valuable Teacher Award–goes to Mrs. Rachel Fraulini, a third grade teacher at Galatia Grade School.

On this day, the third graders were out of the classroom and in the gym for their project, the American Wax Museum. Each student picked a hero from American history to study then portray them in the museum.

“All of the students got to learn about a new American hero or a hero from the past,” Fraulini said. “They were able to find out information about them, dress up as them, and present that in a way that helps other students learn about heroes.”

Other classes would come and walk through the exhibit, learning about each of the heroes along the way.

“I think it brought a lot of our students that are kinda shy out of their shells a little bit,” Fraulini said. “Some of them that don’t talk a lot memorized their lines, were smiling, and I think that was good for them.”

Fraulini says it’s been a team effort to make it a great year despite the pandemic.

“The other third grade teacher (Erica Mapps) and I work very well together,” Fraulini said. “She’s basically my work sister. We call each other on the weekends if we have ideas because we’re wanting to help our kids the best way we can and find the resources and curriculum that’s going to help improve their education and yet make it eventful for them, not just books and paper.”

“Watching these kids grow–even watching them come from second grade to third grade and seeing how much they have learned even through the pandemic–things they have missed, they’ve caught up on–this group here is remarkable,” Fraulini added. “They are rock stars! They have rocked this whole thing. They haven’t pulled at their masks or anything like that. They haven’t complained. They’ve just treated like any other year, and they’re ready for summer break.”

In his nomination, Aaron Allen said, “Mrs. Fraulini is a very uplifting teacher. She is always praising her students for their accomplishments and efforts. She always has a smile on her face and ready to help each student and answer parents when needs arise. Mrs. Fraulini works well with all of her coworkers, which makes for a great working environment. She has taught both of my girls and I would recommend her to anyone that would ever ask.”

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