MVT Week 7–Jamie Pribble

ENERGY — This week’s Orthopaedic Center of Southern Illinois MVT–Most Valuable Teacher Award goes to Mrs. Jamie Pribble, the middle school Language Arts and Resource teacher at Unity Christian School in Energy.

After 34 years teaching at Carrier Mills, Pribble is in her second year at UCS.

It’s been a year unlike any other.

Instead of students changing classes, this year the teachers are the ones changing rooms. Pribble says sometimes that means fewer visual aids for students. That leads to a lot more talking and discussion–which is made more difficult by having to wear masks, but Pribble insists that it still beats the alternative of full remote learning.

“It’s better than them not being in school,” Pribble said. “They can learn off each other. They can learn to get along. They can learn teamwork. They can learn how to ask questions and gain information. It’s still a lot better than doing it over a computer and sitting at home.”

While there have been plenty of obstacles and difficult situations to deal with, Pribble believes there are still plenty of positives too.

“We are spending more time together–eating lunch together, at recesses together,” Pribble said. “So in some ways you get to know the kids the better. You get a closer feel for the group. We’re all experiencing the same things, the same hardships. Especially here, being a Christian school, we’re praying for each other as their families are dealing with it. So in some ways, it’s more of a unique bond.”

As Emersyn Clark told us in her nomination, “She does so much for every kid. Mrs. Pribble is at the school way before any other teacher and stays later! She’s always willing to help. She will drive books to students, stay until parents can pick them up, volunteers to help with sports teams, and so much more. She’s the glue that keeps the Jr. High together, and she’s very appreciated.”

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